April 20, 2009


The Cinderella I learned as a girl was not the Disney Cinderella.
My stepmother was much fiercer and more cruel.
She cut off her daughter's toes and heel to fit the glass slipper.
My stepsisters didn't accept failure when the slipper didn't fit.
They embraced mutilation to gain the prince.

I too wanted to be Cinderella but, in truth, I was a stepsister.
I cut off my belly laughs in favor of more melodious tones.
I cut off my desire and forgot what I wanted.
I cut off my hunger and food lost its savor.
I cut off my ambition and became content with my lot.
I cut off my pride and stood in the background.
I cut off my anger and smiled and smiled.

But, by God, I still have my feet.
I will walk back and retrieve my discarded parts.
I will stitch me back together.
I will be whole again.

WeaverRose - April 20, 2009