January 31, 2007

Discussing The Relationship

We're working too long, she said.
We don't have enough time together, she said.
There's precious little joy around here these days, she said.
Now I know that it's half my fault and half yours, she said.
But I'm mad at you for your half.

Weaver Rose
January 2007

January 29, 2007


The Church welcomes you little one,
With your small head bobbing,
Your eyes lighting on this, then that.
The Priest intones the words of the ritual,
Pouring holy water,
Calling a baby to faith and obedience.

But as she rests on her mother’s shoulder
Listening to her voice
And gazes at her father’s face
Listening to his voice
She takes the offered hand
And draws them into her life.

January 2007

Aunt Virginia's Carrot Cake

Combine in a large bowl

Sugar and flour
Baking powder to lift it up
Exotic cinnamon
Savory salt
Earthy carrots
Shining oil
Toothsome walnuts
Candied fruit and
Eggs, complete in themselves.

Bake a long, long time
first fast
then slow.

Then share this sustaining cake all around,

As hearty and rich and sweet
as the embrace of the absent baker.

January 2007

Fall in Michigan (haiku)

The summer sun fades
And chlorophyll disappears
True colors emerge

October 2006


This weekend I noticed I will soon need a new tube of toothpaste. I considered using my DH's until the next shopping trip. This is why that is impossible.

Friday Cat Blogging (with poetry)


Saturday Morning

I lie down with book in hand
Ready to wander unknown worlds.
Sophie joins me
Nestled between my breasts,
Cheek resting against my cheek,
Whiskers tickling.
Tilting her head to expose the perfect place to scratch.
Body curled around the hand that caresses her belly.
It is impossible to read
but she is unconcerned.
It would never occur to her
to do other than that
which is cat
to do.

October 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

Pete in a basket.